Welcome to CMPD

CMPD is designed for providing a comprehensive, integrated and well-annotated resource, focusing on protein sequence-altering variations originated from both germline and cancer-associated somatic variations. The mutated protein sequence pool was based on the exome sequencing results of NCI-60 cell lines, The Cancer CellLine Encyclopedia (CCLE) and 5,600 more cases from 20 TCGA cancer genomics studies. The identified genetic alterations (SNVs and InDels) were converted to all plausible mutated protein sequences according to each altered transcript. Moreover, CMPD also provides intuitive and flexible cascade architecture to prioritize candidate targets of interest. The mutated protein seqeuneces resulted from SNVs and InDels were predicted and added to the CMPD database, which can be retrieved and used in Mass spectrometry (MS)-based seqeunce database search.